The 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death was on September 14, 2021. He is one of the most outstanding authors of world literature and the fascination of his work is unbroken. In this respect, Dante is highly contemporary. The lecture series, however, does not attempt to capture him and his work in their timeless significance, but rather wants to study the historical Dante of the time around 1300, the threshold author between the high and late Middle Ages and on the eve of the Renaissance.

The focus, of course, will be on Dante’s poetic and philosophical, Italian and Latin works. Following our interdisciplinary approach, the manifold interrelations with theology, philosophy and poetry of the Latin and vernacular Middle Ages will be dealt with next to those with antiquity, the massive interferences with visual arts and music, and, last but not least, defining the profiles of political developments of those Middle Ages that Dante shaped in his work and that shaped him and them.

The lecture will take place every Monday from 5:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. from Oct. 04, 2021 in HS 1 (Thomas Bernhard).
The lecture will also be available online. You may also rewatch certain episodes via UniTV.

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04.10. „Sulle spalle di Gerione“ – Präsentation des Buches von Peter Kuon zur Commedia-Rezeption im 20. Jahrhundert PW: i38O6xzhkPVl-g
11.10. Einführung PW: OiHbzjsZSGPe2g
18.10. C. Antenhofer: Dante historisch kontextualisieren PW: zFlJfH5bh-HACw
08.11. G. Kreuz: Dante in der Tradition antiker Literatur(geschichte) PW: ENGEfG8_FZX5bw
15.11. M. Heinz: Dante und die Sprache PW: CHHM5lX0lP3g-Q
22.11. P. Kuon: Der Körper der Seelen in der Göttlichen Komödie PW: OGtgNeJFyZeSkA
29.11. C. Bosi: Dante und die Madrigalisten PW: TdjlVDAfq6YHTw
06.12. K. Smolak: Latein als Spätfolge von Babylon (zu De Vulgari Eloquentia 1) PW: t8gRjcpkF6382Q
13.12. B. Huss: Cato und Statius in Dantes Purgatorio PW: d9VtHnVwVbLzew
20.12. A. Eitel: Die bukolische Antwort Dantes an Giovanni del Virgilio PW: HLX30YIEP3xC5A
10.01. H. Schlie: Dante und Dürer PW: LtjEZXxoDYFB7w
17.01. F. Wille: Illuminierte Commedia-Manuskripte des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts PW: TqcMBs1ZErGVjg
24.01. Resümee  PW: r0mclauuDqnCWQ

Concept and organization: Manfred Kern and Linda Beutel

The lecture program can be found here.