Series ‘Interdisciplinary Contributions to the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times’

In recent decades, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches have become highly important in the scientific development of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Times and have fertilized research work in the individual disciplines. The new series aims to further promote this trend. Thematically, methodically and theoretically, she pursues a cultural-scientific and cultural-historical profile. The already programmed volumes show accentuations in the field of cultural materiality and mediality as well as comparative literature and art studies, but also consciously include linguistic, archaeological and medical-historical approaches. The aim is to appeal to the scientific public and students, but also to an interested public. The series therefore also offers a space for volumes that seek to convey topics of mediaevistic and early modern research in a systematizing and more widely-effective way. It is also open to relevant monographs, qualifications, conference and anthologies which have not been produced within the framework of the research work carried out by the issuing institutions.

The editors are the Interdisciplinary Center for Medieval and Early Modern studies of the University of Salzburg and the Institute for Realestate studies of the Middle Ages and early modern times of the University of Salzburg in Krems.

Editorial Board: Ursula Bieber (IZMF, Slavistics), Rolf Darge (IZMF, Philosophy), Heinz Dopsch (IZMF, History), Manfred Kern (IZMF, German Studies), Thomas Kühtreiber (IMAREAL, Archaeology), Christopher F. Laferl (IZMF, Romance Studies), Christian Rohr (University of Bern, History), Elisabeth Vavra (IMAREAL, Art History)

The series is published by the university publisher WINTER Heidelberg.