Retreat from 15th to 16th of September 2020

On the 15th and 16th of September 2020, the first cloistered meeting of the DSP-College Interdisciplinary Research on Historical Cultures took place.

The PhD students were given the opportunity to present their dissertation projects in detail. After a selected member of the Faculty and another doctoral student commented on the project, the discussion was passed on to the plenary.

Photos: Michael Brauer.

Workshop: FileMaker Pro Advanced 17

A FileMaker workshop took place at the University of Salzburg on the 16th July 2020. The aim was to familiarize researchers at the University of Salzburg with the database program FileMaker Pro Advanced 17. In particular, knowledge and skills should be acquired for research ingesto archives and for working with large amounts of data and information with the help of the software. In this context, the participants were led by Ing. Dr.phil. Alexander Ringerthaler familiarized with the possibilities to manage data in databases and to generate his own database applications. The seminar was structured as an interactive workshop with practical exercises. Special concerns and wishes could be communicated to the speaker, whereby the course content was individually tailored to the participants.

Workshop: Transcribe, annotate, model. Perspectives on the processing of historical sources with DH methods from 27th to 28th of November 2020

Accessibility: Short description of the pictureA Digital Humanities Workshop will take place at the University of Salzburg from the 27th to the 28th of November 2020. The aim is to familiarize advanced students and young scientists with the methods of the DH and to contribute to an Austria-wide networking in the field of DH. In particular, participants will be familiarized with the possibilities offered by digitally supported transcription and annotation of handwritten sources via transcribing. Transkribus is a platform for text recognition, layout analysis and structure recognition of historical documents. Since there is little time left in the curricula for concrete work on handwritten sources, this workshop is aimed as a two-day format at students at the advanced stage or young scientists who want to acquire more intensive knowledge in the processing of handwritten sources. In several units, experts for historical source processing and for DH give introductions to the transcription and annotation of sources as well as to the use of databases using the example of a corpus of castle inventories from the 15th-16th century. The workshop will also include an intensive course on 15th to early 20th century paleography.

Registrations are made via a short letter of motivation for interest in the workshop, indication of previous knowledge and current state of study. For participants who need accommodation in Salzburg or travel expenses support, limited financial support options are available. If necessary, please indicate the need for financial support and give a brief reasoning. Please attach a CV in this case.
Registration deadline: 30 June 2020
Please register by mail to: