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Neidhart and the Neidhart songs
Picture: "Neidhart Manual"

The already announced handbook on the medieval singer poet Neidhart, published by de Gruyter by Margarete Springeth and Franz Viktor Spechtler, with the collaboration of Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer, is expected to be published in December 2017 (ISBN: 978-3-11-033406-7). 

In addition to Walther von der Vogelweide, Neidhart is regarded as one of the most original, successful and effective songwriters of the German-speaking Middle Ages. Under his name, a rich lyrical oeuvre has been handed down to us. The handbook takes stock of the current state of research on the author and his work from a historical, literary, linguistic, musicological, reception and art-historical perspective.

The volume contains the following contributions:

  • Key words (Dieter Kühn, Cologne)
  • The Roemisch riche and the South-Eastern Alps in the time of Neidhart (Birgit Wiedl, St. Pölten)
  • Neidhart: An author and his story (Ingrid Bennewitz, Bamberg)
  • Neidhart: ‘Minnesang’ and ‘Autobiography’ (Volker Mertens, Berlin)
  • The Tradition of the Neidhart Songs (Ingrid Bennewitz)
  • Tradition, Edition and Interpretation (Annette Hoppe, Aachen)
  • Neidhart: Basics of Research (Ursula Schulze, Berlin)
  • Basic themes of Neidhart’s songs (Ursula Schulze)
  • Neidhart: Typology of Songs (Anna Kathrin Bleuler, Salzburg)
  • Linguistic analyses of the Neidhart songs (Nine Miedema, Saarbrücken)
  • The Sounds of the Neidhart songs (Horst Brunner, Würzburg)
  • The melody tradition of Neidhart, with a concordance to the tradition of the Neidhart songs (Marc Lewon, Basel)
  • Modern recording of Neidhart songs (Martin Schubert, Düsseldorf)
  • Neidhart in the context of The Middle High German and European love poetry of the 12th to 15th centuries (Claudia Händl, Genova)
  • Literary Neidhart reception in German-speaking countries (Jörn Bockmann, Flensburg)
  • Modern Neidhart Reception: Dieter Kühn (Sigrid Neureiter, Vienna)
  • German translations of Neidhart’s songs (Anna Kathrin Bleuler)
  • The poet Neidhart in anglofonic research – a stranger in English-speaking philology? (Albrecht Classen, Tuscon/Arizona)
  • The Italian Neidhart Reception (Barbara Sasse Tateo, Bari)
  • The swaybook Neithart Fuchs (Erhard Jöst, Heilbronn)
  • The Neidhartspiele (Andrea Grafetstätter, Boulogne-sur-Mer)
  • On the Neidhart iconography (Elisabeth Vavra, Krems)
  • Epilogue (Karin Garulli-Ebner, Arese/ Milan)
  • General bibliography on Neidhart and discography Neidhart in the Middle High German Term Database (MHDBDB). Register of facts (Daniel Schlager, Margarete Springeth, Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer)

The handbook is dedicated to the memory of Ulrich Müller.

Interdisciplinary cookbook research
Publication "Cookbook Research interdisciplinary"

Andrea Hofmeister-Winter (eds.): Cookbook research interdisciplinary. Contributions from the culinary history conferences in Melk 2015 and Seckau 2016. Unipress Verlag, 2017. (Grazer Medievistic Writings: Sources and Studies. Volume 1) (ISBN: 978-3-902666-53-6).

In it from the MHDBDB team: Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer: “Ûf wîʒen tuochen” and “ûf ungewaschen secken”. From the search and finding of arranged panels and anti-tables in the German-language literature of the Middle Ages with the help of the MHDBDB, p. 195-216.

On The Thu., 23.11.2017, a book presentation took place at the University of Graz, followed by a cooking demonstration and tasting of recipes from the collection, prepared by the team of the Sparkling Science project “Near Middle Ages. Historical cuisine and dietetics between the Orient and the Occident” and staff of the Open Laboratory of the University of Graz.

From the dark to the colorful Middle Ages
Publication "From the dark to the colourful Middle Ages"

Volker Gallé / Nibelungenlied-Gesellschaft Worms (eds.): From the dark to the colourful Middle Ages. Scientific Symposium of the Nibelungenlied Society and the City of Worms from 16 to 18 October 2015 at the Worms Cultural and Conference Centre. Worms: Wormser Verlag 2017 (ISBN: 978-3-944380-54-4).

In it from the MHDBDB team: Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer: The taste of the Middle Ages. Semantized food worlds in the popular cultural medieval reception, p. 171-193.