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Framing – Deframing – Reframing. Ways, mechanisms and strategies of cultural appropriation in the Middle Ages and early modern period

edited by Christina Antenhofer & Heike Schlie

Is it all a question of framing?

Throughout history, people have adapted things and concepts from other cultures or other cultural strata of their own society and modified or reinterpreted them to suit their own needs. With contributions from various disciplines of cultural studies, this volume aims to show that this cultural dynamic can best be described when the old and new frames of the appropriated are taken into account and the adaptation itself is seen as a process of de- and reframing. The approach can also be made fruitful for the political question of current and controversial cases of cultural appropriation, because only the nature and circumstances of reframing can make it clear whether it is a question of the (re)production of precarious power relations or a cultural dialog at eye level.

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