The lecture series of the IZMF entitled Object Links – Things in Relationship is a central topic that the team of the Institute for Realestate studies of the Middle Ages and early modern times has dealt with in recent years: it is about the research of diverse connections between objects as well as between objects and people. How do things contribute to history? What are their meanings in a cultural and intellectual-historical horizon that goes beyond their context of use?

The questions within a history of things cannot be reduced to what they looked like, manufactured, spread, used, and charged with meaning. Rather, it asks how they are connected to each other and to people. Because people gain information about the material world and move within it by recognizing references and forming references. And also the theoretical concepts of things, their concepts, their connections and (symbolic) meanings can only be related to the practices associated with them. Thus, in order to be able to answer questions about the relationship between people and material culture, things must become observable as objects in the constellations, configurations and scenarios in which they are in some way significant or acting components.

The lecture series is offered as an analogue lecture format until further notice, the maximum room occupancy of the lecture hall is 40 people. Access is made according to the order in which the students arrive. Once the maximum occupancy number has been reached, access is no longer possible. The lecture can be followed online via Webex (sound and PowerPoint presentation). The access data is provided on Blackboard.

If access to the university’s premises is restricted again due to Covid measures, there will be a switch to digital teaching only.

The lecture will take place on Mondays from 17.15 to 18.45 (from 05.10.2019).

The lecture series was converted to the online format. Registered students can access the Blackboard. Access for external listeners can be requested by email from

The lecture programme can be found here.